NEVILLE FA SOLDI SENZA SOLDI vendendo acqua ai semafori

29 Aug

Water Guys 1

Quest’esperimento è stato fatto, dettagliato e organizzato perfettamente da Neville Medhora (laureato, il suo blog qui)

Copioincollo parte del suo articolo qui sotto. L’articolo completo lo leggi sul suo blog seguendo >> QUESTO LINK.
L’articolo è in Inglese.

Purpose of Experiment: To prove mymake money with no money business ideas can work.

Hypothesis: It is possible to take less than $10 in startup capital and make money.

Experiment: Buy a 24-pack of bottled water and sell it on the side of the road. Possibly utilize the labor of pan-handlers.

Step 1: I went to my local H.E.B. grocery store the previous night of the experiment and purchased a 24-pack of Dasani water for $5.99.
I put the water in the fridge overnight to let it chill.

Step 2: Quick Research.
On the way to a party, I stopped to ask a bum what would happen if I sold water by the highway alongside other bums, and it didn’t seem like a pretty picture. He told me, “You are a rich college student, and the guy at the corner is trying to get a meal, the hungry guy won’t be too happy with you.”

To get around this, I wanted to partner with one of the regular bums who knows the in’s and out’s of panhandling. I made an agreement to meet at 3:00pm with this guy, William Austin to sell bottled water with me. I told him whether we sold all the water or not, I would give him $10 for his help.


Su >> QUESTO LINK, c’è la seconda parte dell’esperimento, dove lui delega il lavoro!


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